The Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefit

Aflag3(71).jpg image1re you or your spouse a Veteran? Check this out!

Northern Kentucky caregivers are sometimes aware that there are benefits out there “somewhere” if the loved one they care for is a veteran. Knowing what it is and how to find it are often obstacles to utilizing the benefit.

The Aid & Attendance Benefit is what helps veterans who need financial support for senior care expenses,” explains Sr. Mary Luann.  “And we find veterans aren’t utilizing it as much as they could be.”


What is the Aid & Attendance Benefit? How does it help with senior care?

The Aid & Attendance benefit falls under the Pension Program portion of a veteran’s benefits. In determining eligibility for senior care expenses, the Veterans Administration will consider these key areas in their review:


Active Duty Military Service. The veteran must have served a minimum of 90 days of active duty.  One of those days must have been during a period of war. The periods of war are considered to be:

    • World War II – 12/7/41 through 12/31/46
    • Korean Conflict – 6/27/50 through 1/31/55
    • Vietnam – 8/5/64 through 5/7/75 and Veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam during 2/28/61 to 5/7/75
    • The veteran must have received a discharge from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable

Health Care Needs. The VA will evaluate the veteran and/or spouse to determine:

  • o    Their need for assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, medication management etc. or
  • o    The claimant is legally blind or nearly blind, or
  • o    A diagnosis by a doctor of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, or
  • o    The need for a “protected environment” to safeguard the veteran from the hazards and dangers of his or her daily life may be accepted


Net Worth, Income & Expenses. There is no real formula here that the VA has shared. Each veteran’s claim is evaluated on an individual basis. What they will take in to consideration is how much of their income is being spent on health care. The greater the percentage of health care expenses as they relate to income, the more likely it is that the veteran will receive assistance.

And the Aid &Attendance Pension can be worth the headaches the application process sometimes causes. The benefit can provide up to $1,732 per month of support to a veteran, $1,113 per month to a surviving spouse, or $2,054 per month to a couple. A veteran filing with a Sick Spouse is eligible for up to $1,360 per month.

We make sure our residents and home care clients are aware of this benefit, and what it can mean for them,” states Sr. Mary Luann. “We know they served our country proudly and we want to make sure they receive the benefits they are entitled to now that they need a little extra support.”


Are you a Northern Kentucky caregiver of a veteran? Have you applied for any benefits to help with senior care expenses?


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