Respite Services Give Caregivers Time for a Vacation Getaway

Holding handsNorthern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati caregivers know firsthand how much work the job of caring for a loved one can be. In fact, the toll caregiving takes often creates substantial health risks. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than half of all caregivers see a decline in their own health. One service that can help caregivers is respite.

Several local senior care communities, churches and Alzheimer’s organizations offer some form of respite care. St. Charles Community, for example, offers respite on our Covington campus , as well as through the use of our in-home care services.   In simplest terms, respite allows you the opportunity to have some time away from your caregiving duties. Time to refresh and recharge.


To give you peace of mind while you are away, your loved one can temporarily “move in” to an independent living apartment for a week or two. Any amount of time up to 30 days. They will have the full benefit of nutritious meals, life enrichment activities and outings, and all of the services every other resident enjoys.


If they live independently in their own home with just your help, you could utilize the services of home care companions and aides to help care for them while you vacation. In-home care helps by supporting your loved one with everything from bathing and dressing to shopping and meal preparation.


While family caregivers are often reluctant to take time away from their caregiving duties, most health professionals stress how important it is to do so. Before you are mentally or physically exhausted. The emotional and physical stress caregiving creates can end up making the caregiver sicker than the care recipient.


Because caregivers are generally unwilling to admit how much they really do need a break, researchers at California State University San Bernardino created a quick caregiver burden quiz . It is designed to assess the risk the caregiver is at for burnout or a serious medical condition. We recommend you take this short quiz to determine your personal risk. Then consider booking that vacation you have been dreaming about for years or at least a long weekend at the beach!


Are you a family caregiver? When was the last time you took a break from caregiving?