Respite Allows Caregivers a Summer Vacation


Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati caregivers trying to plan a summer vacation may find that arranging respite for your loved one can make travel easier. You can head off on your holiday knowing someone will be looking out for them in your absence.

There are a variety of types of respite available in the Covington area that range from home care services to respite suites in an assisted living community. If your older loved one lives at home alone and only needs support for transportation, grocery shopping and meal preparation while you are away, an in-home care program like St. Charles at Home can be a solution. Caregivers can also help with medication reminders.

A short-term stay in an assisted living community like The Lodge at St. Charles can offer seniors a temporary home away from home while a caregiver travels. Furnished respite apartments are available by the day in most assisted living communities. Respite residents typically have access to the same services as full-time residents.

Key to a successful respite stay is to help your loved one develop a relationship with the new caregiver(s) ahead of time. Most in-home care providers will arrange for your loved one to meet the caregiver ahead of time. If you will be utilizing respite services in an assisted living, arrange a time when you and your loved can visit the community together for a tour and to meet the caregiver team.

Items commonly required for a respite stay at an assisted living community include:

  • A Medical History – Outlining any health and/or medical conditions.
  • A list of any prescription and over-the-counter medications they are taking.
  • Comprehensive list of allergies including to medications and foods.
  • Personal preferences, preferred daily routines and activities
  • Information on hobbies and interests to help determine what activities they might like to participate in during their stay.
  • Any physical or cognitive impairments.
Are you planning on your summer getaway? Have you used respite care in the past? Would you recommend it for others to try? Learn more about respite at The Lodge or with St. Charles at Home call us at 859.331.3224.

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