Sponsorship by the Sisters of Notre Dame

Sisters of Notre Dame logoFor more than 50 years St. Charles has served Northern Kentucky’s senior adults and their families under the sponsorship of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are consecrated women missioned in the Church to proclaim God’s goodness and provident care:

  • by living Gospel values in vibrant communities;
  • by promoting Catholic education, especially for women and children in urban and mission schools
  • and by fostering the fullness of life, especially for people who are poor, sick, and aged.

The Sisters of Notre Dame

The Sisters of Notre Dame, an international congregation of women religious, were founded in Coesfeld, Germany in 1850 and came to the United States in 1874. Today they number over 2000 members who minister in 19 countries around the world. The Sisters of Notre Dame of the Covington, Kentucky province are deeply committed to serving the people of Northern Kentucky and to sponsorship of the ministry at St. Charles.

Visit the Sisters of Notre Dame website.


Celebrating The Sisters of Notre Dame Founders Day

October 1


Did you know that on October 1, 1850 two young women founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Coesfeld, Germany ?  Eventually more women joined the two in their ministry and in 1874 a group of Sisters came to the United States.  In 1961 the Sisters of Notre Dame began St. Charles and continue today as St. Charles sponsoring community. There are now over 2,000 Sisters of Notre Dame ministering in 19 countries. We invite you to visit our websites at snd1.org and sndky.org to learn more about your Sisters here at St. Charles and throughout the world.



Did you also know that each year one of our Sisters, living at St. Joseph Heights, is assigned to pray for St. Charles, its residents, volunteers and staff?  This year we are delighted to announce that  Sr. Christa Marie, who formerly served as the Physical Therapist at St. Charles, has been designated as St. Charles’ Praying Sister.  St. Charles is very special to Sister and she wants you to know that you, your families and all your intentions are remembered in her daily prayers.  In fact, we have special “prayer boxes,” located throughout the Lodge and Homestead, where you can place your prayer requests for Sister. These requests will be taken to Sr. Christa Marie.